We believe in the authenticity of the untold story.
We would like to encourage people to get out and see the world and tell them to be brave and not be scared to step out of their comfort zone.
Our mission is to inspire people from all over the world with entertaining stories, videos, adrenaline rushing adventures, life vlogs and wilderness.
LeAw is about celebrating the free spirit in all of us and pushing life beyond the limits of our imagination.

We left Italy at the end of May 2017 with a luggage of 50 kilos and a Canadian working holiday visa for 6 months. We worked hard, we bought an old truck camper and we drove in the complete wilderness, off-grid, for more than 40.000 km/25.000 miles through Canada, Alaska, Usa and Mexico. We have been living on the road since two years. What’s next? Our goal is to drive all the Pan- American Highway from Alaska to Argentina (Ushuaia – Tierra del Fuego) and to create a documentary of our story at the end of the expedition. The next part of our trip is set to include Central and South America.